Thursday, August 25, 2005

cold shower

Just got back from a nice cold shower, haven't had one in ages! it feels so good, ifeel so fresh so clean clean. hehe. oh well i mean these past few weeks i've been taking warm showers early in the morning, and once you get out to the cold room, its feels like freakin winter mon! Ahh i missssh my dearest murti and two lovable buddies...the ones that tease me like shit, but still i love em....:D i can't wait to see everybody this dec, especially this two. And no could i forget about jason! haha that kampungan bastard, i made that up! hehe..not proud of it. Fuck i've got an essay due monday and i suppose to complete it by today..i dunt know why i just wanted to, but now that i haven't...i guess i have to start working on it soon. I'm gonna sleepover janice's place, we gonna smoke up bad..with my other cousin and this guy named Ernest (of which she's told me some stuff about, das right cousy). Haha ernest, such a weird name, it's like he owns the world or something. The name waynus is funny tho....Jon's such a waynus! he was being such an ass laughing and stuff. ahh...i miss lil jon, he's so adorable, so cute, so nice to hug! Just like his bro. :P Anyways, i'm so malesh to pack! I'm suppose to go to this concert thingi in taylors college and im draggin my cousin along! Jisnu's in it, so i wanna support him and da indos. wuhoo! Ah i mish klaudia, jerm says she looks like the giraffe from madagascar, that i have yet to watch. not bothered tho. hehe. Ahh i miss my baby....miss the hugs, the kisses, the fun, the stupid arguments, haha...that was funny...the night i started to hit him with his bolster. :D he deserved it. mwahaha. Oh fuck i dont wanna be late for classes ever, ahh shit i know i will again. but for the time being, i just dont wanna. Anywyas times up. i better start getn busy. haha...i miss shakin to get busy with kELLy.
adios...cheppi always.

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