Monday, August 15, 2005

it turns out...

Hey dude,

These past few days have been a big blur for me, i don't know if he has noticed but i was so blur to the extend of not being capable of answering his questions. Well his questions are tough, but i'm glad he asked me anyways. Well the kind of blur phase im in is just that sometimes i get so confused because he's leaving so soon and so am i, which will be the last time i'll ever see him until this december or something. I'm really gonna miss him and i know he won't believe me. Anyways the reason as to why im so bothered is because i still wanna be with him, i'm willing to give this relationship a go n if it doesn't work out, whatever will be will be. Lastnight i got tipsy and went over to his place, wasn't suppose to sleepover but i took a neozep and just collapsed in a matter of minutes. And this morning i woke up so late and got home pretty late that my mother and sisters got so friggin pissed at me mon. it was horrible. Fuck my neck hurts and so does my body, its aching like a bitch! Ahh i miss my best friends, where are tehy when you need em, to take photobox pics with em and stuff like that...those were the best times, the old highschool days. i want it all back. It'll even be cool to see an enemy from highschool cuz it would just feel like you're still in highschool. My sisters have school so i guess theyre much too busy for me. But its aite, blame it on my wrong timing. So well i have to shower soon and meet the asshole. haha. Since he calls me cheppi, i'll call him asshole from now.
Bubye, cu soon.

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