Saturday, August 13, 2005

gnite to you

Dear you,
its been a long time, i know. I'm kind of tipsy right now, just got back from wiwied after all the drinkn. It wasn't too good though. in jakarta again and oh well i'll always miss it every time i reach KL. No doubt. My life's been goin on well, i feel more secure now, mebe cuz i sorta have someone that shows concern over me. Yes i admit it dude. If you ever do read this. Hmm...schools started but i guess its been temporarily shut down due to the haze caused by Indonesia, the bushfire thang. Damn all these disasters comin one after another huh. I can't really type much but im here cuz i just wanna let you know how i've been doing. Well, tomoro sounds like a fun day, im not gonna plan it though, prolly gonna hang out with me mumsy, which is always fun..i swear, its fun hanging out with my mummy, love it. Okay gnite diaro, i'm fuckn tired now, need some rest, been drinkin for the past few days, i have to stop. Just taht everytime im bored, i just get beer and it helps me relax and fuck its starting to taste good. I know, i know...that sounds bad and it sounds like i'm gonna develop a beer belly very soon, i'll try to avoid that.
mwah..gnite to you and to you and to you too of course.
gnite again. Me signing out. :p

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