Thursday, July 22, 2010

Hustle the boogs.

I've been talking about work a lot these past few days. Over breakfast, lunch, dinner, supper, to myself, in my dreams. Enough is enough man. I need to stop whining, I waste a few hours on that with mates.

to effs man, the load is growing on me like a fat booger.
I can take it, i know. It's whether it's worth the burden.
Oh well, such is life.

Everyday, as i wake up I can't help but think of our "highschool reunion" time in Bali. It was awesome staying in Jasons villa, it was awesome hanging with the girls, it was awesome eating in commercialized Jimbaran ( crab was off the charts too), it was awesome hulahoopin by the beach, twas awesome partying till the crackbutt of dawn, it was awesome walking around, talking about private issues, dealing with it, catching up with the girls, aih it was just plain awesome. sigh. Think i left my brain there, no wonder i can't function properly these days.

I think i'm going to indulge in a pool session. It's been a while since i've fully enjoyed myself, might as well chill out to pool. Then get goin with my article.
I'm on leave tomorrow anyways. Yeah, on a Friday too :) Had that Bangkok trip goin but things aren't cookin well so therefore i'm not going. I'm going to use this time to plan my day, pre-organize my iDrop 4 debacle overview, and of course fix my bloody toshiba lappy. Hope i can squeeze all that in. oh man. stressfooooo.

I know what i want later. A Haagen Dazs Apricot & Cream icecream on a cone. Or on a cup?
hmmm....tricky treat i tell ya.

And i just want to space out, relax me back muscles, and yeah simply chill out.

laters poops.