Wednesday, June 23, 2010

pretty, but painful

Migraine with aura. Something I have to learn to live with for the rest of my life.
They say 15-20% of migraineurs get it. And i'm one of the few. If only migraine with auras were a good thing, then i'd feel special for making that cut. Believe me, i deserve a cert or at least an award after all the pain and suffering i've been through.

But it's a gruesome feeling. It ties you down and fills you with doubts. It's highly depressing when you find that your vision blurs in the middle of a meeting. It's highly depressing when you're clubbing with your girlfriends and you see a sudden burst of zigzaggy lines coming at ya. Starting from the central field of your eyes, dancing off to the sides. The aura hangs out with you for about 20-40 mins. I've had it longer, twice a day, which is not a good sight. And I have gotten alotta people angry for ditching them due to these frequent aura assholes i meet. I mean yeah it might be fuckin nice to see these lines fluctuating from one end to another but trust me its a painful experience. I wouldn't recommend it to anyone.

The trigger ho's

1. cigs
2. food with tyramine (chocolate, cheese and all the wonderful preserved goods)
3. alcohol
4. stress and anxiety (must seek therapy)
5. flashing lights
6. Loud noises (refrain from Rock n roll, heavy metal, etc at this hour)

I take Imigran FDT 50mg whenever the pretty aura strikes. Must gulp instantly to prevent bad migraine from storming in.

What to do?
Consult a doctor. He's got the drugs.
No matter what, this migraine aura thing has no cure. It can only be suppressed. So you gota deal with it.

Well if you want to seriously get to the root of the problem.
Keep a migraine diary to track down your migraine pattern history.
For peeps with the same aura shit as me, make sure to record:
What time aura starts?
What time aura ends?
Measure the length of time once its done.
Medication taken?
Level of pain on a scale of 1------10
Food consumed
Activies done

It's a little tiring to write all that down when you're in a state of trance, but its best to just jot the important stuff down.
But sometimes it just pays you a fuckin unexpected visit, even when you're feeling healthy and in the zone. It will come to ruin your day either way. So I guess just try to avoid over exhausting your bod for more than 2 consecutive days in a row. You're sure to get it. Yeah i know laying off all the fun seems pretty shit but it'll definitely decrease the migraine visits.