Wednesday, June 02, 2010

It's Wednesday. It's a boring day.

I Keep listening to Black & Blue by Miike Snow and Hey baby by Stephen Marley ft Mosdef. Lovely songs, pretty inspirational.

So I'm at work. I should be working, but i'm more or less done with the ho stack of articles and reviews. Just one more for Nightlife to seal it all.

I hate the word BORED. But I am feeling it and I've been clicking here and there to pass my time. Checked out National Geo and every goddamn thing is about the oil spill, yeah it's a pretty big deal actually. But it's gonna get old eventually in a few days or so.

Today, I literally saw a car on fire. I thought it was gona fuckin explode ala Hollywood blockbuster style. I watch too many movies I think, always over predicting, over expecting. But nah it didn't, apparently the owner drove it off anyway. Like what are you thinking man, driving it off without the thought of it exploding with you in it? Salute all the effing way yo! It would've been cool to ram straight into the ocean with it like in the movies.Claim insurance, it's definitely a technical fault. People were blaming the sun for it. possible?

I've been thinking a lot about life, flipping through the magazine i work for and checking out our latest NEW RIDES. Saw the Ducati Hypermotard 796. Gorgeous bugger really. I want one. haha. But i guess those dreams are far OFF for me. But i wanna get a bike to ride, i was pretty attached to the Honda bike i rode in Phuket, maybe i'll get it since its pretty affordable and i'll just use it to beat traffic. Yeah why not huh, racing against the city air sure sounds like polluted fun. Will get back to you on that tho, all these quickie holiday getaways aren't gonna get me near any bike really. Might rent a scooter in Bali tho, relive the highschool days :)

And just to melt the moolah dreams outta y'all, here's a pic of the speedy beast itself. So handsome.

Wish i could rock it.
Oh well just have to be patient I guess.

Krystabel......OUT! Watch Californication, haha i like how Ms. Collini does it. Collini....OUT!

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