Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Heart Phuket

It was only last year when the crab & I realized we were in desperate need of a sunny, sandy, and tropical getaway. We booked the tix late last year and spent a few months down the road complaining about sucky kl city and how we just can't wait to get the hell out. Well we did.

Finally, we left for Phuket.
It was my first time there with misses crab.
And we loved it.

We stayed in Karon beach in a lovely hotel we didn't spend time in. But the beach was within our reach. Karon is literally the opposite of Bali, its very hush hush kinda quiet. At times you hear the waves colliding and churning, but besides that its just the breeze yapping at ya. And since its so quiet, you feel you can hear the clouds and the sun talking to you. Yknow that feeling? Or maybe im just an idiot.

The beaches, quiet. tranquil. super relaxing.
The local food, magnificent.
The islanders, friendly, humble, and generous with servings.

Allow me to introduce our first friend PINKO the CRABBO.

self-timer shot

Mr.sexay getting a beach bath. It was funny how he was fighting against the waves when it sucked him in a little. I wouldve saved him anyway if it were to happen.

Love this pic of miss kellycrabby.

thats all. There are more pics but its gona take me ages to upload so heres just a few.

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