Sunday, May 09, 2010

just a trespasser

I finished work early today. Went straight to the gym for cardio and the usual 15 reps of each bloody machine. Then took a quick shower and darted off to BSC, was disappointed that I didn't get to try THE PRESSROOM. Yeah, every freakin blogs givin rave reviews on it. So i guess sooner or later, it'll be my turn to. So me, cousin, and crab ended up in Chili's. I was planning on a salad in pressroom, but whaddaya know...i whacked an entire tray of Mushroom jack fajitas (beef). It was wicked for my tummy and it was enough for the night. Usually i have supper cravings. But now as i'm writing this, the thought of food hasnt popped up just yet.

Its 3am in the effing morning. I just had a teh tarik and now im buzzed awake. Sometimes i wonder why its always around this time i manage sleep. I would like to sleep at 1am atleast. But it never EVER happens. That's the problem about being single, no one to report to, no one to stop you or hold you back, no one to take care of you. So you'd rather go out I guess. But freedom's good for now...i ain't complaining much.

I looked at my studio and man if the owner wasn't such a stingebomb and a worry wart, then maybe I wouldve attempted to designsponge the shit out of it. I already feel like buyin the place from her so i can pimp it up permanently. But then again, i dont think i would want to cramp up in a studio for the next few years, i'd go for a 3 bedroom apartment.

Now i'm just checkin up FB. All my old contacts that i've forgotten from A-Z. Just trespassing through old-school friends, best friends, bitches, assholes, and acquaintances checking out whether they've changed, lost weight, gained weight, and who's mingling with who. I guess im being a nosey bee, but when you're bored in the AM...i guess FB can save ya.

I think it's time for me to doze.

Tomoro, send crab to KLIA. Hit the GYM. Stock up on the essentials. Buy a cabinet? and just be happy monkey for the day before the Heineken green space partay.


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