Wednesday, August 11, 2010


I've been writing in my journal a looot-a looot.
It serves as the best venting portal ever. But you know sometimes since i have a super inactive blog, might as well fill it with whats-been-happening stuff.

Well i've been pounding my head on articles. Me no likey. Pounding it further on my journal. Just releasing all this negative flow of energy within, not good to keep it all in yknow.

So tonight i'm at home, yes thank you very much. I'm at home, bought HOT mag and Harpers Bazaar to just circulate my thoughts. Hot mags just for laughter. And fuck it's still gossip girl homies on the cover, still! I guess that's what sells huh. I'm not fond of GG. Managed the first season, then cheated on it with CALIFORNICATIOn mudderfarter. Awesome! Gotta love the fucked-up n articulate HANK MOODY! I know i do. :) Sexay.

Ok and the rest of the time i've just been at work or having a beer. Laid of the beer tho these past few days, preparing for my climb up KK. DOn't know if I should be afraid of the weather, looks real shit to me but oh well just climb the damn mountain, enjoy the scenic view, and yknow experience something diffy for a change.

I dont know why im so chirpy today. I think i'm gonna get a load of shit tomorrow, i'm so prepared for ups and downs these days it aint funny no more.
But I'm glad mur FINALLY FINALLY got a berry so I can bug the shit out of her whenever I want, whenever I can. :D Or when I see something interesting, at least i can just bbm her. Usually I text her and the package she subscribed to in the states is shitty, it can't go international. stupidos.
But anyways she's got a BB now! And and, I decided to check my post box today, got an electricity bill of woaaahhh (didnt even use that much broh) and a surprise handmade crafted card from MURTI. weee! I was so happy to see the bunny and triangles. Thanks mur, now i love triangles, were they stamped by the way? Looked really abstract and pastel, the way I like shadings and colors of life to be. Awesome fly. Effin tits! haha.

I can't wait to go back home. I've been dreaming, thinking, and smelling nasi padang! bakso! nasgor from the tukang outside ma house! dapur sunda! waduhhhh.....laper nih. aiyayay..and also the bakmi siantar. hehe. yummy juga. I just miss home. period. miss home. HOMESICK nih. Will try to return this Sept for deytas parteh. If work wasn't piling up like a pile of shitballs then i guess i would poof off in a sec. But noo! I'm gona go home soon and it's gonna be retarded! Just the way we homies roll baby! :p

And yes i have work tomorrow. I am off to tuck under my poofed up comforter and of course my ibu jane sheets. weeeee :) happy me.
nitey nite.

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