Monday, July 16, 2007

that wish-i got it.

Lastnight, i was granted one small wish. A meaningful one. John finally understood what i wanted from him, we finally managed to share our dreams and desires, our likes and dislikes without a single argument. I congratulate this relationship, i guess sensitivity really does affect people. It always does, it puts yourself down. What can i say, we are all stupid HUMAN BEANS (quote Janice) i like that term, we are beans, we think like beans at times. I dont recall when we are ever really understanding and smart. There is not one day where we go by not doing something stupid.
The conversation was solid, it lasted for hours. It was enjoyable for me. That finally the guy that i once hated to be in a relationship with, broke up with several times, finally got around to digging into my brain. Gathering my thoughts and empathizing. That is his job, my job is to give him the confidence every man wants..that confidence, the drive.
Yeah that just really made my day. I dont mind skipping my beauty sleep for this talk. Its amazing, what it can do, how it can make two stubborn people wake up to a point of realization.
I'm going to cut it short right now. for love, cheers.
A toast to thelast week of internship, time to get serious.

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