Tuesday, July 17, 2007

My ML500

Greetings Mojito.
It's amazing how internship has given me so much time to dwell with you. To write with you and share my deep and dark thoughts. haha i kid, i kid. Anyways, i miss Will Ferrell, i haven't spotted him in any upcoming movies. Even the rumors don't say shit these days. Maybe i 'm just apart from E Channel, so i'm lost entertaintment wise. But it's not such a big deal for me, i just love Will Ferrell, i haven't even watched ELF yet. Can you imagine? John says its one of his finest flicks. So i'ma check that shit out. haha we're both Will Ferrell Fanatics. I had a really bad day yesterday, i was tired from work, i had a chitty chat with Kelly, we reminisced, we gossiped, we did what we could do given the time was nearly midnight. And both of us are under internship so we need to finish our last week and set a clean record. So both of us were already tired but the conversation reminded me of the old days when she would sleep over and we would tease guys and people. Those days were so fuckin memorable, i'll never forget that. If i need some fun, Kelly will deliver it to me. I miss her man. It's been dust years, i always say. Man, Michael learns to Rock is coming to town, i do not recall liking them, but their songs are so tacky and cheesy that you just keep singing it or thinking about it. It's a freakin cliche Karaoke song, they have that karaoke beat that all these expensive chinese karaoke centers in Kota have. Like people with bad english will sing along to these songs because its so easy to follow the beat and words. They sound the same, god dammit, it sounds the same. Like paint my love, nothing to lose, you took my heart away? All the same shit. Same shit yo. Anyways, i was thinking to myself about personal goals? I never thought about what car i'd like to buy for myself. I'm just thinking of moving to Spain with family, get a bungalow, and live our lives learning how to speak the language. It's fun, don't you think? I dont know that's my goal. I dont know if i'll ever touch it...but it's so easy for a goal to erase, that's when your thoughts and needs change, then your goals either become harder to achieve or too easy. But i was thinking if i had a goal, I don't really need a sports car or whatever. I am a big Mercedez fan, but i do not mind the BMW 6 bloody fuckin beautiful series. Now that's the best shit BMW came up with. Anyways the car i would want to be realistic about in this life i have is the 2007 MERC ML500 SUV. Fucking gorgeous SUV. That's probably the car of my choice now. As for sports, we're talking cars that cost just as much as elite houses or perhaps even more. I'd go for the MERC 2006 SLR McLaren. Ohmyfuckin god, it really pumps up the adrenaline rush in me. It's a hot car. It's the car i'll be glad with. I swear. I just like it. But for now my goal is to at least buy my mum something big, something that will surprise her. And i will. I strongly believe i can.
Fuck i miss bali, i miss the smell of the incense stix, i just miss it. I know i go there often but so what you know..its great, i love it.
Anyways im looking forward to Bandung, the last time i went there i was still fat. I can recall that. anyways mwah..love

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Janice said...

hola bel! sorry just realised that there was an earlier comment on korean bulgogi by u on my blog :P no worries i'll definitely drag u in on the next round there! meanwhile, internship's over eh? what's next? :) hear from ye soon, tata!