Wednesday, November 15, 2006

My cousins married?

Well i had a decent weekend this week, went for my cousins wedding, it was a major blast for her i know..but not for me. haha. I mean i'm so happy for her, it's just so sad to see her officially taken you get it? But im so god damn happy about that. I've never seen her shake her booty like that mon. Yeah Kristie, congrats to you, i'm such a cool cousin man..i was there...just too bad there was no stripper for the hen's night..tooo badddd.. I guess james has to strip for you now...maybe wear his thongs or some shit. haha. Thats personal. For you both, i won't budge in. haha. Gosh how i miss this cousin, i dont even know what to get her. Her style changes all the time..except after she came back from pattaya. Kristie used to dress like a plain and sophisticated chick, now she's going all out, she brought Pattaya, Thailand back and she's got that boho string fashion sense. From head to toe people, from her freakin head to toe. haha but she looks beautiful, im not sayin anything. It's just that you look good and its a major 360 from what you used to dress in. I guess you've found the life, go ahead and get a house by the beach. It's so you. haha.
My days have been rotten, rotten as fuck. I've passed the major exam for media planning, i never knew it was so tough to plan media. I just i just i's tough. But we're over with this sem, well nearly. I am left with a group presentation and one strategic ad exam. Once thats all done, i'm going to laundry my throat at laundry's. Just have fun with casual drinks and perhaps my royal Sangria. What a babe.haha i dont know why but i remember when jase used to say "Excellence" at the end of every sentence, what a dumbass mofo. I remember paint ball shooting mann..shit that mofo thought cuz he was equipeed with that freakin paintball gear and the unecessary water bottle, he could defeat me. You loser, dont underestimate a djajalie. haha we are all trained to shoot people like you. haha canda deng. What cracked me up was that i was trying to pay attention, but bang jj..he kept doing all these fancy turns and jumps, he was practically rolling all over the place. Then i shot his fat ass. oh yeah i shot ur fat ass alright. Too bad i didn't shoot more of it. Or else you'd be dead now you ho. haha. Jase..i love you no matter how gay you are and even if ur in the army now and ur gay, i'd love you no matter what. Ur my true mofo. My true (sigh)..fwen.
Dude my sisters pic with ronald mcdonalds fuckin helped me work out my tummy due to the extreme laughter, it just looks perfectly gay. It's just so funnay!!!!
ahh yawes deh...malesh to go on..cuz its kinda hard to write things on when nothing much happend. Its like i have to extend or stress on what already happend? haha.. you people that i've always loved and will love. Too all the abangs and premans out there, you know ur sexy.
lover is poofing off to her own wonderland. Bye shit heads.

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