Monday, November 20, 2006

recovery recovery recovery...

My days have fully recovered. We have reached the end of sem, it's over. All the hard work and assignments and exams and stupid quizzes, its all over, for now. I have one more sem to go along with an internship. This sounds scary, i'm near to the edge of reality. So freakin scary. I hope i will make it, i hope that when i'm working, i'll work hard and not just work for money. I hope i'll get a promotion, i hope i'll keep getting promoted. I hope that i'll earn good money and keep earning better. I hope i can open up whatever it is i want to open up. Most of all, i want to do this for my family. So i can buy my mother her beautiful house and my father his beautiful house. haha. I just want to prove to them that i can do this for them and to show my love and appreciation over the 19 years of their hard work and stress. All cuz of me and my sisters, this is what they have gone through and i dont mind going through the same or even worst just to get them what they want. I may sound emo but this is life, we have emotions and we do get emotional. I feel like going somewhere relaxing, now that i can finally relax without exams or assignments at the back of my mind. Its all erased, my minds empty, i dont know what to do, someones gonna tell me what to do, so i'll have something to do. Imagine if i felt like enjoying during the exam week, i'd be fucked. Now the feeling i have, it feels so much better than the last sems, it feels like i'm halfway to complete. Bloggg...i have a crush on someone. i feel that its a stupid crush, but i can't get over the fact that its a fact yknow. Someone i've never met, but he makes me feel like i'm in place, he relaxes my mind, he helps me out with my problems, he just makes me feel like stress is temporary. Ah..ya i need that, it feels like buddha is getting to me. That kind of spiritual healing. I dont know why but its a slight crush, i'll get over it, i always do, well at least most of the time. Anyways i feel so free now, i have nothing to do, i just went shopping, wow the first time in like 4 months, has been a long time. Shit..then i went and it was cool..felt weird to shop yknow cuz i haven't done that shit in a long time....i wanna go to phuket, might with chuppy, hope i have fun there if i do land there...i wanna just chill and be a lazy beach bum. Just carry myself there without the heavy thoughts of my future.
Time for pool. haha yay. I bet i suck, i haven't practiced for shit weeks...i wanna play for fun today and improve in it.
adios for now. its time for pool!

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