Friday, November 03, 2006

assignments you asshole!

Hey baby im doing my research again. The usual.
Man...i'm done around the 17th..why oh why? issh..i've been writing in this blog nearly every single day and my oh my..i'm so rajin.
Man i'm so afraid to step into the advertising world and do the accounts side. Like how the fuck do i handle such stuff? I'm already having trouble with my assignments and all, how do i absorb all that in the working world. I can't afford to fuck up in reality but in school, i have another chance. If i do fuck the job up, i get fired. It sux really. I just cut my hair and i look like a freakin idiot..i look like realy dumb man. Like shit!
Man i have no time to blog right now..gotta get some work done. ahh work. I wish i was in bali now or any beach nearby, so i can just stuff my toes into the sand, make a retarded sand castle and lie down like a freakin bum and not give a shit about studies and life. Just for a few hours or so i wanna be able to relax not stress out.

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