Friday, February 11, 2005

you blogg you..

Dear blog,

Wow it feels like i haven't written in here for over a month mon. hmm..anyways i miss jase, he called me today and sounded really sad and pathetic, i have to visit that ass man. Kasian banget. I did quite a lot recently, well i've been playing pool and my bitchy sister actually told me i was improving after not playing for quite a long time. I just really suck at placing (i know2x) I just got back from starbux (da 24 hour one), we were crapping about all these political jokes and someone's shiny hair. hehe..i'm not gonna say who. Well i went to this boring ass chinese resto called Dragon City, somewhere around sudirman, trus adjourned to lil baghdad to schmoke some shisha. I haven't smoked up yet, hehe..the lastime i did was on wed, i got a free joint from yadi. haha it was nice, that roll, but i havent finished it yet.
In a way my life is slowly improving. I duno how to explain it. I went to bandung a few days ago and it was funny, but we spent most of the road trip in the car due to the horrific jam going about cuz its imlek, annoying man. wHY do people make such a big deal about chinese new year, its boring and all their houses are all colored red and decorated. I'm not saying its not nice, im just saying its sort of an exaggeration. I'm leaving jakarta this sunday, in a way i can't wait and can wait. I'm gonna miss my sisters and my mum of course. And im gonna miss clubbing with don and smokin rumput with her. This whole trip we've been tryin to go to stadium to pop, but every single time we make it there, something always goes wrong and we end up not going there. uggh..its really frustrating.
I hope uni doesn't start next week cuz i really wanna visit jase, that kid needs some motivation and some loving, so i'll just hang with him in s'pore.
What's with the whole valentines day special thangs..its gettn annoying, everywhere i go i see hearts around, i mean like all those heart shaped wind chimes around the entrances of restos...its so i duno. Vals day isn't that important to me, if i get a gift, i'd be thankful but no further than that. It's not like an official celebration or anything. i guess it just makes people feel more special about themselves ay...:I
Yay i didn't go clubbing today, was too tired, too restless. I dont' think i'll be doing alot of clubn in malaysia for quite a bit cuz i'm tired of it, yes it took me all this while to realize how it's just the same old thang ur up for everytime you hit the clubs. But it would be so fun to get drunk with ur close friends, just laugh and reminisce about everything retarded that happened in the past or will happen in the present.
well i must leave you for lalaland....
-temporary snooze-

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