Monday, February 07, 2005

Ahhh an early day :D

Today deyta came to pick me up at like 1pm with don and we went to ps to just look around. The usual for me would be window shopping, i only treated myself to some baileys irish cream in haagen daz..oh ya..lezat. Finally an early day to start with, normally we'd go shopping during the late rainy evenings. I haven't seen the morning sunshine for quite a while now, i'm like a vampire, hiding in my house all day and only active at night. It was so funny how we were in the car and it was all macet and shit and had nothing to do so we sort of picked on deytas driver, he had like this gross mullet hanging to his shoulders and everytime he turned his head to check on the rear view mirrors,i would get distracted by his curly ends mon! i mean seriously its fuckin distracting cuz it blocks ur view. haha....bad hair style i guess he just gets all the girls with that. the kampung girls that think he's ganteng. or mebe he thinks he look ssuper hot with that hairdo. eeekk. haha that was funny.
erm erm...i'm so lazy i feel like staying at home all day lazing and munching on home food...hehe. i might go out tonight perhaps with don, the usual thang, smoke the green green grass of home, thats all i do. I might ask for some tranqs cuz i have problem sleeping, i'm nearly an insomniac. yeha i miss nasi padang but i think my stomach is a little too weak for all the sambal at the moment, need to find the right time to eat that fat load of good fattening spicy stuff. hehe. To think of it, one of my favorite words would be "fat, ass, and mon" i say them quite often.
hmm..god i'm so not skilled at telling when a guy likes me, even if he makes his move, i'll still be so fuckin clueless and consider it as just casual flirtation.
i have to go now, go eat my ass off...:D i mean don't you just love food? it just makes you happy, its a happy drug.

love, cheppi

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