Thursday, February 03, 2005

Dear FatassBLog,
Hehe…I always add the word “ass” to some funny word. Hmm…I was so bored the entire day, all I did was just sleep, sleep, wake up and eat, sleep….trus wake up and drove my sister to INSOMNIA to get her belly pierced. She was so fucking annoying man, she kept on insisting to go by a cab “Cheppi, please!” she screamed with ultimate desperation and i was just not listening.
Anyways I just schmoked up with Dono and the rest, well she was already really low on tranquilizers and I felt already low myself so I didn’t need any tranqs at that moment. Then we adjourned to our after-smoking-up predicted spot, WIWIED. Our tummy saviors, I just had teh tawar cuz I packed some roti kaya back home. Prolly will ditch it so my mum can feast on it the minute she wakes up in the morning. It’s so nice to smoke up when ur bored, I mean you still feel bored but then do more things when ur a lil stoned than when ur just plain bored. I miss everyone when I’m high. Im typing right outside my house where there is this big ass rat I saw a few hours ago and m trying not to spot. My mother woke up and I hope she didn’t read the note I left on top of the kaya toast. Fuck. Oh well…I was suppose to watch outback jack, but ended up going to subud instead. Yay we’re finally going to hotel borobudur this Saturday, yippee! I can finally work out my weak muscles and go play some squash, tennis, and of course swim laps. I love that hotel, it’s my favorite hotel around, it just has everything. Wow basketball, haven’t played it in like 2 years, I mean a real game. That is what I call a solid work out!
I’m goin off now, need the sleep, might play pool besok. :D
-cheppi off-

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