Sunday, January 30, 2005

great time


Anyways, um..i had a great time today, with my mother. I went to watch Meet the Fockers in ex and it was so freakin funny. I guess that was like the first movie I’ve watched with my mum in like 10 years or so. Long time ay? Normally it’s with my mum and sisters. But today we had an alone time and I tried talking to her about how much sasa wants a belly piercing, oh god the square-minded, hard to persuade em to say “Yes” which is why I couldn’t stand it last time and went straight on and pierced it. Anyways we finally went to the grand Hyatt lounge, the last time I went there was like 3 years back, it’s so awesome, the view from the top is beautiful. I guess that is why it’s so hard to leave this country, it’s just so enjoyable. Yay! I finally bought myself some nice lingerie from PRESENCE, wuhoo! It’s one of those nice lacy black ones, ooh lace..haha…I used to hate lace so much, but now…I think it’s quite sexy actually. Oh god you know who has nice eyes? Robbie Williams! It’s so nice and green….uggh..but overall he’s not that good lookn, just his eyes. I’m meeting Damien this Tuesday before he goes off to Sydney. Just feel like hanging out with him for some reason. hmm...i'm in a happy mood! happy happy happy! wow..haven't been this happy for a fuckin long time.
anyways, ima bounce now,

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