Monday, February 14, 2005


Dear blog,

Uggh..i feel so dirty again even after taking a nice cold shower. You just sweat after you shower I guess. Ihhh..the humid feeling. Feels awful really. Yay..tonight I will be getting heavily tipsy with donna, I made a pack to myself never to get wasted drunk cuz that’s just not worth the drinks you’ve spent for, you end up having a bad trip and bad effect in the end, but well you lose weight after barfing, so that’s just one positive thing about it. But besides that, getting tipsy is way better, you just get more flirty and have fun and the good thing is that you’re still a little sober and can still recall what happened. Oh god my mum and her endless case of “food poisoning”, she always has to be rushed to the hospital to get a check on her stomach. Sooner or later if she carries on drinking stout and eating sambal, she is bound to have appendicitis! I mean it totally burns the stomach walls, guiness+sambal totally burns, it’s just too acidic for her. Sometimes I worry about me mum, like I’m scared that one day when her resistance is low, she’ll suffer from some fatal illness. Well let’s not pray for that shall we. Actually to think of it, I have been quite rajin these days with you blog, I seem to write in you nearly everyday, or if not just a skip of 2-3 days or so. But at least I haven’t isolated you for a whole week recently. I guess you can say that I have been bored and being bored makes you pour out more things bcuz you have nothing else to do. Sometimes it’s hard to enjoy the afternoon sun, don’t you think? Cuz it’s just too hot at times and it hurts ur eyes and of course makes you sweat like a pig. But there are days when you just open up to everything, even the hot baking sun, you love the feeling of your skin getting burnt and you look around and everyone just seems so clear and so occupied with their lives. I have no idea what I’m talking about. But that happens to me, I normally go out at night time only and people walking pass by my house at night don’t look friendly, they’re monotonous. But when you see people under the bright sun, you see color and more character, know what I mean? I’m sure all of you reading this don’t comprehend my meaning. Sometimes I don’t even understand what I write or have written. Last night the remaining rumput was cool, we smoked up beside Chris’ apartment swimming pool, it was nice. Plus I had a few glasses of white wine with sasa and a can of beer, so I was sort of high, the type of high you get from eating sweet little things like chocolate n candies, yeah I call it the sugar rush. :D I’ll be leaving for sure tomorrow, which is a Tuesday. Thank god my plane flies at night, I hate having to go through the piercing sun, especially in the airport for instance. Uggh. Haha Damien is now in Sydney checking out the hot chicks and he sed cuz of that he’s as happy as a beaver. But seriously dude, are beavers really happy animals? According to my knowledge, they look terribly pathetic and look like they have nothing to do (but they are cute and confused animals) Like Gulfur from Winnie the pooh, he’s a beaver isn’t he? He ain’t happy. Anyways Crowley If you do come across this entry, please do shoot me back, I’ll be waiting for it. :D I feel like such a talkative bitch now, haha, but I am a stupid one. Yknow somehow I have a feeling that my previous basset-hound which I named Sushi is still alive, maybe it’s just a hunch, but seriously someday i’ll find her for Klaudia, she loved that dog just as much as she loved me. Hmm..that dog was a bitch, only polite to Klaudia and guys but she would just ignore me and attack klarissa. Haha it’s so funny how all our dogs seem to hold this grudge for sasa, I guess she deserves it, she’s a lil bitch herself. I know this entry doesn’t seem to make sense, I don’t really serve any point writing today but on behalf of murti I’d like to quote her famous “Boredom took the best of me” phrase. (An applause perhaps?) :P
Okay well I’m in a rush, off to buy dvds and send someone a valentines day gift, valentines day? Haha…it’s pathetic sometimes don’t you think. I’m disappointed cuz I don’t get to spend it with who I want to spend it with cuz I’m still stuck here in jkt.

Lovies, cheppi

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