Friday, February 25, 2005

It takes a hell lot of a rush for a small lot of nothing

today was a very exhausting day for me. I was just on a constant rush here and there from sunway pyramid to cyberheights then to the putrajaya lrt station. Still no matter how much i ran, it didn't make a difference anyhow, i missed my first flight due to some technical problem going about. Iiiissh..this will make my mum think i'm irresponsible for missin the flight twice. But i made up for that by darting straight down to MAS n askin for the next flight possible, they put me on standby cuz they said their so-called flight was occupied tonight. Occupied my ass, i was seated in 25A, the window seat and no one was sitting next to me, there were 2 more vacant spots, why the hell put me on hold making me worry? ahhh sometimes malaysians just purposely want to make other malaysians suffer. It's only natural. Well i felt like i was participating in some amazing race show or sumthin. I rushed back n forth and the only person that seemed to notice me doing that is this dude that sits down and sorta binds the luggages. He was like "i wuff you" cuz i think his two front teeth were missin or he couldn't pronounce the words properly. haha. That scared me for a bit, i was like oh oke. This year has certainly been a pretty hectic one for me, i've travelled back and forth and rushed here and there just to get things right. Lastnight i got so pissed off secretly cuz my condo was a mess, it just annoyed me so bad that i ended up cleaning my whole god damn room, that type of anger makes me become all anal or something. It's still partially effecting me now, i got cleaner and neater and just more frigid. I don't wanna become charlotte from sex and the city, no fukn way, she pisses me off bad. Yum i finally had some shisha a few days back, it was alright, but that wonderful feeling just wasn't present. I don't know, that lounge just has a different feel and edge to it now, i guess cuz the previous manager isn't there anymore. Now it's raj, this manager whom i totally despise due to his unprofessional ways of managing his customers, whatever happened to the term called public relations? I don't like him, he's ruining my favorite weekend spot, favorite one! I don't know where mike.low went, so there goes mike the former manager, a great one too. Thank god mojito's there, he just serves us bloody well but we need mike the manager! :( Oh well vals day was nothin special, no parties of any sort. I received a half-dead rose and viewed a documentary from this dude in penang whom i don't know well at all, he's really sweet and all but i prefer just to be friends cuz it's better that way. I'm not into relationships now, it makes me tired and cranky. Well you never know, it's prolly just this mood i have now. OH well i just might be going to Shanghai, China. Never been there before, i'm really interested cuz i was just reading about it in the inflight magazine and it was impressing! :D Ahh..i wana go clubn there, hope they have nice buddha bars. Uni is great, i love my schedule cuz it's so empty, i only have four subjects to take this sem. 3 lan subs and one is intro to web technology, it sounds boring but its pretty cool actually, it's more of individual assessments instead of having to choose the leader of the group and divide the grades, it's confusing. You know what i like most these days? I look forward to "yamcha" sessions with my friends cuz it's better and cheaper than shopping. We just laze in a mamak stall and talk and talk and talk and the bill won't pass more than 15 bucks total. Cheap shit. I'm not up for shopn at all now, im too lazy to get new tops, new pants, new shit, yeah yeah...i need that mood to come. Hopefully it comes tomoro cuz im in my hometown now, jb, and tomoro my uncle ed and my mum have already planned in advance to go on a shopn spree, so i shall have to participate in that spree instead of couch potatoeing in the luxurious cafes. I ate the yummiest food ever! Ikan pari-pari or however you may call it, it's sting ray if im not mistaken and it taste like seafood heaven mon. Then i had this dessert called "cheng teng", just that and crushed ice, it makes my tongue go round. It's so delicious, it makes me happy. I'm serious! I'm a food lover, not a hater. Hmm...i'll be visiting the singaporean army dude this saturday, haha fuck you jase, you owe me big time, the only reason why i'm visiting this dude here is that one day he called me and sounded really pathetic and depressed over the phone, so i figured..oh to hell with this, just pay that poor pup a visit. Oh god manhunt suckd ass yesterday, my favorite contestant Maurice was eliminated only cuz he always poses the same facial expressions. Cmon he was the ultimate guy mon?! Well i still think he's fuckin hot and i like him better than john johnson by a slight bit.
Okay well i have to go now, my cousins trying to get some sleep but this laptop is annoying.
au revoir

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