Tuesday, January 11, 2005

Ruffles sour cream...ahhh..yummeee..

Im eating chips, its so yummeee..and everytime i eat em, it reminds me of that kid from malcolm in the middle saying "i want more chips!?" haha..its so fuckin cute. He's so adorable. Ahh its so annoying when youhave arguments with friends, its like so stupid! I learned that guys older than me aren't necessarily waaaaaaaaaay more mature than me, some of em are so childish and silly. So sensitive, i just told you i won't disturb you since ur so busy. It's so annoying, you know who you are man...it's pathetic. God..dude..get over your childishness and learn how to stop being a sensitive ass! Yeah yeah whatever...want a big fight? I don't mind, im not deleting you off my list by the way, cuz i'm not bothered to, ur still my friend...i'm not like you, so i guess i'm not doing what you want me to do and that is deleting you. Ahhh at last i'm finally gonna go swimmin in hotel darmawangsa ama mur and abs, that plc is great. yay! We can take bikini shots...oh lala and murti can wear her newly purchased miu miu pair of shades and i can wear the only guess sunshades that fit me. wipeeedooo! Oh well i feel like racing someone, a few days ago i raced this dude, dunt know him..but he practically lost..haha i think he went 150 and i went 160, but we can't possibly go more than that with cars around the cityroads. And i think i beat him, that feeling of fresh victory..ahhh it feels good. It really means girls can beat guys. Hate dudes that are so sexist.
Shit..i was so desperate to get myself a new pair of lingerie..like those really pretty lacy ones that mur recommended me...i think its called presence or whatever. But it was some nice shit. And i feel like gettn myself a dress from MORGAN, just that its all so tante-like and i hate how all those old chinese woman wear it with all that tebal make up, not good. I definitely don't wanna be one of em. yeah im a bitch, who cares anyway...that's what i do best. Bitch about. These days i've been thinkin lots of my xboy...i mean i realized that altho i'm a pretty bitchy girlfriend that never really spends time with her dude...i actually learn how to miss him. i mean i don't learn, but i mean he would always like invite me here and there and i would always ditch his request and go clubbn or shopn with my girlfriends, but then one day he just stopd asking me out to hang with him and i said..."sayang i'm gonna go out clubn and all ya?" and he was like "yeah..sure...just go ahead with ur girlfriends...i don't mind"..and i was fuckn surprised. haha im so weak ya...that night i ended up accompanying him for dinner at his crib...cuz i was like "what..you want me to go? Don't you miss me?" haha ewww..hate myself ay..i'm such an annoyin piece of shit" But now i'm trying to be a nicer person, just TRYING to be less bitchier. hmm...anyhows...i'm tired..and im goin to go nongkrong...loveeeeee you fatassblog.

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