Sunday, January 09, 2005

Its 3am..

Well its 300 am and what am i doing awake mon? Today i didn't really do much, well actually i went to ex cuz kenny, cliff, deyta, jana, my sisters, and i felt like having dairy queen, then once i got there, i just didn' thave the appetite for ice cream or anything. Well after that we adjourned to taman lawang, infamous for street ho's and banci's i guess. But i find them quite pretty actually, i tried capturing one with my digicam tapi kods was just driving way too damn fast. But seriously i can't stand people that misjudge those poor human beings, they were just born abnormal, so leave it, leave em alone. I hope in the future, i can write a cover story about them and how they live for money through selling their bodies and just finding new means of ways to look like REAL women. But it is funny, when you see em walking on the streets and flashing their fake tits, it is funny i have to admit. But some of em can be really scary, it's like i feel like making friends with em sometimes, but i'm scared that the minute i wind down my window, they'll like grab my head or something and eat me! hehe :D ..canda deng. I feel like goin on an upside down rolllercoasteeeeeer, a crazy one, yeah i need it bad. I dunt wanna go to Dufan cuz that plc just gives me a constant headache. I don't mind the unsafe rides that creak as you sit on em, but i mean i just don't like the hot bloody sun, gives me a bad sun stroke. But the best part is after you're done with the rides, you just go to one of those tiny booths and buy yourself a pop mie,'s heaven for me. Indonesian pop mie which they don't sell in malaysia, i think. Well i've only seen supermie and miegoreng and mie 100 there. haha okay i'll stop with the noodle-talk. Damien!? You actually read this? Man what a surprise to me! Didn't think y ou'd even bother to scroll through the first line, but looks like you did. Am i a great story teller? I bet not.
:D Right now i'm in my living room and underneath the table on which i am typing in this blog lies a tiny field mouse, it's so cute and all but i dont' dare to touch it, the same deal with roaches too man, i can't stand em. They are the worst! Ahhh..what do i feel like eating for breakfast later on ya? I want poffertjes and pancakes, oh god..i was supposed to go to puncak pas for an early feast, but look what happens int he end, plan gets cancelled. I'm leaving jkt this sunday and i'll be having fun ( i hope) in Penang with dear Kelly, i miss that crabby bitch man..she's like my best friend in KL...and i guess i confide in her the most among all my other friends. But i hope i don't get too annoyin and piss her off, cuz that'll lead to a major silent treatment. Hate it. I can't wait to go to chill out girl! we have to have to have to go there aite? There were lots of hot hunks there, i just looked straight ahead, left, right, and there they were, everywhere, just like that. I mean shit man..i was fuckin surprised the moment i opened the door that led to the hip hop section. It was a paradise. :D Awww too bad i can't go jet skiing in penang, after the tsunami incident, i'm sure my moma wouldn't want me to do anything stupid. But seriously, i'm desperate for that rush, i feel like using up my energy. haha. Shit man isn't it sad? No ones going to be here in jakarta anymore, its like i don't feel like coming back this summer, there's just nothing to look forward to anymore, no more fun, no more hangn out and stuff. It's so sad really.
Oh well i'm off to slumberland....wanna meet my cartoon friends and have a drink with em...i'm serious, these type of dreams do occur and its only the best. :D

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