Saturday, January 08, 2005

Just in the mood

Hey Mr. Blog,
haha well it seems mur has already completed scrolling through my previous entries, so here's another one for her to scroll on. Ya my ernie! Now that you're currently in Kalimantan prepared for the ceremony of your spiritual "OPENING", this so-called blog entry is dedicated to thee. I don't know what will happen to you, i'm thinking nothing really tapi mebe you'll just be more sensitive and vulnerable to things and perhaps your perception of life will change a slight bit. Ngk tau ah. Anyways today i didn't really do anything, just went to PS to walk around, went to lil baghdad to kidnap my sis back from her odd crowd of friends and had some strawberry shisha (deli), trus adjourned to 2nd floor for a beer, and ended up in SUBUD for some rumput! The green green grass of home..haha, you know that song? I don't think so ay. da fucks up with me and "ays" mon? Shit, you've got to stop me mur, stop meeee! hehe...stinko demayo...i quote taquito. Today was a restless day i have to say, i was just fuckin tired, my body is so lemas from a pretty louzy massage i had a few days ago, man they hit the wrong points, sometimes i'm so scared to get paralyzed. My neck aches; my back aches;and my thighs ache. Fuck mur! Lets just go to 'jamu-jamu' or 'bersih sehat' lain kali ya. I need aromatherapy, life's all about relaxation for krystaboo. hehe...but right now, what i really need is reflexology poor feet have been workin so damn hard these days, always on the go, it's time to pamper em. So be it..besok gue harus janji to myself that i have to go to FOOTISH. I mean its an aromatherapy/reflexology plc, how shweet is that? Mur don't make me go without you..haha i will anyway then i'll just tell you whether its good shit or not. Abhi was telling me about our first bali trip together, he sed they went to a massage parlour and he picked the prettiest chick for cliff..haha..and a dude had to massage his feet. It was funny, how we were talking about who and who isn't a virgin in our class. haha it was so funny! And plus we were bitching about people, how funny. Love is blind they say? It is pretty true when i witness all these girlfriends of mine trying to kill themselves, hurt themselves just bcuz they're boyfs don't love em back, thats sad mon. I wouldn't want that to happen to me mur, i'm scared it will tho...its so risky to love someone and to also end up realizing that they don't love you the same way. So i wouldn't wanna risk that. But just seeing all these girls gets me so sick, it's like they can't stand up, they just can't control themselves and run nuts. It's stupid and tough on em, i know tapi's really annoying! I'm totally the wrong friend to consult in terms of relationships and shit, hell i'm better at solving other ppls probs rather than my own. Like this dude, damien in my mass comm class, dude he's so fucked from this recent break up. He loved this girl n i guess they were highschool sweethearts, but eventually she ended it and that just pierced him bad. Even until now, he still complains to me about that bitch, about how he just can't help but love her so much. i guess your first love will always remain in you. Just like mine...haha...i so remember i had my first kiss from him. But i was like 6 back then, but everythings so clear in my mind. I wanna meet him so bad, but where is he, he's gone. I wouldn't even know if he was dead or alive anyway. Wow i feel so cerewet today, fuck my b.indo is getting so kaku, i can't stand this!? My tongue gets fuckn twisted in between sentences. Especially when i try asking my helper something. I'm pri..'bisa um..bisa' and my tongue just fucks up. yay i haven't been to citos in a few days, world record, world record! i want nasi padang! i wanna eat like a messy pig, it's hard to do that in KL, cuz people barely eat with their hands i feel like a complete outcast when it comes to eating anything that involves rice. i hate eating it with utensils, fuck utensils mon! Oi muri, haha i mean my dear ernie. So mur, you gonna try some m&m's with me or what? I haven't tried it yet, i think i'm just gonna have mine done omellette style. haha. i have a strange feeling it'll turn out quite yummy actually. Damn everyones askin me what im gonna do for my bday, i hvnt really given any thought about it, this year just seems so odd, like even my birthday won't stand out from other normal days. it's like i'll be celebrating nobody's bday. No major celebrations, i've learned my lesson from getting pushed in the pool, not nice. Something simple and memorable, i like! :D Fuck! i can't draw, i can't make collages, i can't cook, i can't read, i can't even make cards, hell i can't do anything these days, i can only club, eat, drink, smoke, laze around, and wala das about it dudette. Gosh! Idiot! quote mr. Napolean Dynamite. Fuckin pathetically hilarious movie. Okay i'm gonna peace out now! Don't want to bore any of you's! :P
Bel signing off...

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