Sunday, January 02, 2005

Friends just keep goin away by the day

Dear BLOG,
whats up? anyways while im at it, i'll make time for you, even though i have to send Kristine off to the airport, just felt like it. Murti's really sleepy and i understand that i should get some rest, but i just keep goin on and on, forcin myself to. This morning, i sent Arty off to her ciputat crib, haha...i'm gonna mmiiis you FLUFFY BUTT...i had fun with her. Spending New years 2005 was really weird. Jason got drunk and started crying, which was fuckin hilarious. MAny more. But i can't really think about it i'm pretty much in a rush, so this entry won't be too detailed. All i can say at the moment is that i'm fucking tired! Oh god i can barely even sit straight, i've been straining my body, walking around, getting only 2 hours or so of sleep, not eating at the right time, and blah blah blah.
okay i'm going to soekarno hatta, see you blogggg..

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