Thursday, December 30, 2004

Sad life it is

I'm not saying my life is sad but i'm saying life does have its occassional ups and downs. Sometimes it's hard to believe that others can die before you do. Like everything you watch on television just seems so surreal, so impossible. So when you see others go before you, you think to yourself, are you this lucky? Why weren't you chosen? etcetera. I'm currently reading about the tsunami attack, disastrous really. Natural disasters such as this just makes you detest nature.
Anyways, i haven't been sleeping well these past few days, i probably have mild insomnia to start with and i just feel so restless, so lethargic. Dammit, nearly everyone's leaving. i wish they all had the same holiday span as i, 3 months bebe. 3 months spells out boredom actually, you just linger around not knowing what to do with the many weeks ahead of you. So far i haven't been doing anything supportive for my mother, i haven't been making use of myself much. Cuz i always wake up late and go out as soon as she comes back home. yeah i'm a useless daughter really, but what can i do? It's my holiday for cryin out loud, it's the only time where i can get to laze around like some couch potatoe. Holiday means FREE time, free time means lazing around, going out with friends, partying, eating anything you want and gaining weight and not caring, watching tv, just chilling, as long as it has nothing to do with paperwork, nothing to do with uni. Then thats what you call a real vacation. But i agree, 3 months is too damn long, by the time i go back to uni, i'll have to reset myself. I'm not even using much of my brain now, mebe i've never used much of it. :o What to do for new years eve ya? I'm not in the clubbing mood and i just recovered from a bad hang over due to lastnights round of champagne and beer. Ohoh im gonna have a beer belly, ew. It was funny cuz i puked right after i saw my sister puking. Anyways we both skipped dinner but chose to fill our empty stomachs with alcohol. Wise you say? I think not.
Okay i need to go now, gotta drive my mother to work and just prove myself useful. Peace out. :D And ernie if you do read this, i say hi to you and you better give me a notice about the new years eve arrangements so we can work something out. work it hard bebe. :P

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