Wednesday, January 12, 2005

Just got back from hippity hop

Dear Bloggie,
hehe..i just dropped don at chris' plc. Jo, Don, and I suddenly had the munchies from weed and urgently rushed to INDO GAYA rasa for some real food, yknow nasi goreng ayam special, great stuff. it was a fun night, i was fuckin stoned and jo's eyes were all funny and cute, dono kept on wanting to dance on the loudassmofospeakers, so when a song i liked shot up, i went up thinkin she would temenin me, but hse's like " dance alone, haha" i was like oh the hell, oh what and just danced. Mekasih don. :D
Song like turn me on, no lettin go, everyone falls in love sometimes are all the IN songs now to spin in clubs. I'm kinda sick of it tho, been listening to no letting go every freakin day for at least more than a dozen times. nah i exaggerated that bit, at least 7 times (due to sasa, that freak!)
Oh well i'm having a cute little dinner parte besok, on the 13th, i mean tonight, yeah i know..haha don was so cute, she was like "Oh yeah we can have a countdown on da 13th!" and i was like "heh? i ddin't think about that dude." Ohwell life is short, enjoy it to the fullest.
Yknow what damien said to me? He sed i do everything really fast, meaning i start too fast in life. Like coll, clubbn, that typa shit, and he sed who knows i might even die fast. Lets hope not ay? Although sometimes i feel like dying, but seriously i'm enjoying part of my life and i at least want to be more of a successful person than i am now. Oh poor sisters of mine, they are both awake for the first day of the 2nd semester of skoo..haha kasianmon. Damn i can't wait to go to 'stadium', haha don is more impatient than i am, trust me. I'll get my ferrari pill there and i'm all set to trance mode. :P Fuck i still haven't eaten nasi padang! Yeah yeah i know all i think about is FOOD, indonesian food is the best, now now i'm not saying its the best cuz i grew up here, i'm saying its hte best cuz i've tried all and now i can make my conclusion. So in conclusion, indo food is the best, its spicy and yummy!
Alright, i'm gonna bail, gonna go shopping with my nyokap nanti. CYouss..

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