Thursday, January 13, 2005

My birthday countdown.

It wasn't a really special countdown, not like a new years eve event or something, but it was really cute. Anyways, we went to lil baghdad for some shishas and the funny thang is donna still had some left over weed from the cigs, so she just poured some over the top where the charcoal burns, damn it was quite effective, we got pretty high.
Anyways my cake was such a major disaster, Pandor made it, but it lumered all over and got all soft. Not nice. I can't wait for Stadium tomoro man! I just wanna get hyper and hook up cuz i haven't done that in a long time. And by the way they are not OLD guys! They are all below 30 god dammit!
But i've been really tired today man, everyone in the party was all lemas and stuff. FUck i'm 18! Everything's legal! Yay?! But the bad thing is that i have to be more serious about uni, i haven't really been doing my best, haven't given my full motivation and effort. I'm just plain lazy. Besides its my 2nd year, this is when things get serious and the year where you really have to select your own career path and opportunities. I feel so irresponsible and not proud of what i've done the last few years, i need to grow up, cut down on all the drinking, clubbing, yah just all the bad vices that mean temptation to me. I have to stop! haha..nah i won't just quit like that, it takes a while to decrease such habits.'m the only one awake in my house, my sisters have collapsed in bed, my mother collapsed as soon as the party started, and all my friends have left the building. :P So i'll just go out for some menthol lights to just let my mind flow around and ponder. I need some thinking time, thinkin space. Yes yes. This is where i have to leave you and oh well i pray for a good day ahead of me! :D
toodles, BELLY

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