Friday, January 14, 2005

Birthdays over..:-I

Anyways, i woke up pretty late on the 14th. Haha...what a good way to spend your birthday ay? Not that my birthday's really important to me, friends are far more important. I don't know but when it's my birthday, i don't care about myself, the only think i care about is which friends are loyal to me. It's always the unexpected that end up surprising you with birthday greetings. Well to tell the truth, i didn' t really have fun, everything messed up! Just everything man, i was looking forward to my pill and suddenly what do i know, entrance fee increases and people just don't wanna go in no more. So yeah i didn't pop lastnight, it was ruined. I wanted to get wild and crazy, get unconscious but noooo...i just ended up grumpy and sober. That is the worst. I wanted to at least get wasted, but i didn't. Well i went to starbux with my sister and that guy actually remembered it was my birthday and gave me a free drink, how nice really. That cheered me up from the awful night i had. I don't know why i was so depressed, i guess cuz i didn't end up goin to Stadium, haha but not really there's more to that. Yay i'm 18, haha everythings legal now. Drugs, drinks, cigs, everything. wuhoo! But not really though, cuz in KL you have to be like either 19-21, ur lucky if they don't check ur ID. hmm...i'm still not tired man, not at all. Damn looks like i'm not leaving this sunday, my dad doesn't want me to. Fuck him mon. Oh well, it's only postponed to a few more days, no biggie. Aight, i have to go now, gotta write some pretty leetterssss...:D hey i'm trying to cheer myself up k.

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