Thursday, April 02, 2009

Yo wat is up fairy?

now isn't that ad cute. It obviously doesn't apply here.

Wanna know what's new in town?

Last week or so, I went for the launch of La Clandestine and Angelique Absinthe at Werners.

The event was so-so. But the cocktails were yumsters man. I think absinthe is a pretty sinful drink if taken advantage of. But if you know how to appreciate the wormwood and drink it respectively, it'll be a sweet dream.

I thought the drink was born in Prague. What do you know? Switzerland's the motherland.

La Clandestine-blanche absinthe


I quote that "it is the only absinthe handcrafted in the village where absinthe was born. It's creator, Claude Alain has won the Golden Spoon for the fourth consecutive year, at the remarkable The Absinthiades in Pontarlier, France"

Angelique-genuine Verte Suisse absinthe

Doesn't it look like you're drinking a bunch of fairies?

I quote again that "it is distilled using 12 plants, including angelica and grande wormwood from Val-de-Travers. Steeping a mixture of aromatic plants in the distillate produces its natural colour"

There was this cocktail my tastebuds absolutely adored. It was called JADED. Taste like mojito, except a bitchier one. Good for the soul though.


Jaded Cocktail

30ml La Clandestine Absinthe
15ml Monin Passion Fruit Syrup
20ml Boiron White Peach Puree
1 nos Lime Wedge
Ice Cube

Mix all ingredients into mixing glass & shake. Strain content into a 12oz catalina/sling glass. Garnish with lemongrass stalk and mint sprig.

Doesn't that just sound practical? It's good though. I'm only gonna give you one recipe cuz the other cocktails weren't up to my liking. Just don't drink it neat, unless you want to challenge the gimmick bullshit to prove its real. By all means, thumbs up to u.

It's sweet, so it taste better than all the shitty liquor out there. I'm a beer drinker but absinthe has made its way with me. Perhaps its psychologically sweet?

This is the image Absinthe has spread to the world so far.


This is the fairy you suppose to be buddies with when you've been absinthe-fucked.

Gotta admit though. It is a gorgeous sight when high. I guess we have to really believe in it to see it? haha

Oh well i'm on a detox period now. No hoegarden or tiger at the moment. I dont get how people love stout? It tastes like shit. Oh well our tastebuds all have different opinions. Respect. No absinthe for now either.

I didn't take any of these photos, i googled it. im a cheat. But these were the actual products of that launch EXCEPT the ones with fairies humpin on it.

tata greenfairies

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