Wednesday, April 01, 2009

Listmaker? more like listbreaker!

25 things derived from fbook notes. Someone created it. Not a hard thing to do, but to me it's a success for personal reasons. I try to list out 25 things weekly. Daily would be a thumbs up. I like listing short points for a change. Instead of having to use conjunctions all ze time. In 25 points, its more accurate to tell the things u want, need, and are thinking of in a short period of time.

So here are the twenty five things i feel like listing down

1. I miss listening to Jewel

2. I promised sari ratu nasi padang in kota damansara will be either today or tomoro's dinner

3. Has got to keep praying for mummy's health

4. Can't wait for that BB javelin so I can use those cute condoms number 2 bought for me

5. I will always love INCUBUS, even when they go mainstream and annoying fans out there act like they love em, when really its just Brandon they love

6. I'm getting that buddha tattoo regardless-Sorry lord. i have a spiritual connection with buddha heads.

7. Has to crack up "The TEMPLE" book

8. Misses having meaningful conversations, suffocating laughter, and crazy tumbles

9. Just realized i have no ultimate playground/sanctuary to rant/release thoughts in

10. Needs to drive around town or away from it----ALONE

11. It's been more than 10 years since mum and dad split. Felt like it just happened.

12. as the rush comes-armin

13. Wants to travel: eat and drink whatever comes her way

14. Thinks Chris Cornells third solo album 'Scream'is a hardcore suicide-how unfortunate for such a good lookin chap

15. It's been 5 years and Stacey Kent still helps me chill out

16. Pancakes, jam, whipped cream, block of butter. my seventh heaven

17. finally tried Absinthe. where were them green fairies?

18. loves esquire magazine covers

19. Doesn't know what to get for Brenda for her bday. hmm...toughie tricky

Perhaps a beautiful whacky slap of flowers?

20. Needs to cut down on em deathstix

21. Will throw that sandwich margarita day by the poolside

22. Doesn't wanna go home after work. wants tea in a nice tea place

23. Animal of the day-DUGONG

24. Destination of the day-Cambodia :)

25. "I like" of the day: juice 2. iced water 3. hot milo 4. guava juice 5. lemonade 6. Beer 7. poison 8.milk 9.Coca cola So cool huh? well its not super creative, but hey i like things organized and labelled. Life's neater that way. Too bad it's not mine, but someone elses. (check it out, if you like the concept of magnificent "here and there's")

Ok im done with this exercise. Going for a smoke, forget 20.

Rooster off to take too long to upload. so there are only a few from ur loser blooger. ME.

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