Sunday, November 09, 2008

Lookin back to Relax and :)

Hey now, hey now,

I am finally jotting down my thoughts. Not much of it, but hey some oddness in the air today moved me. So therefore, here are my set of words. I finally inserted pictures today. Don't know why it took me years to add extra jewels into my site. I guess i wanted to go for the creepy blog look with no sense of happiness. I seem like a wannabe, now that i think of it. I had my goth days, in highschool though, used to worship the devil. NOT. I just enjoyed reading those crafty books and tried making my own potions and casted wicked spells. In a way, some of my spells worked, but i guess the timing was right. Made me go all psychological on my thoughts. Man I never thought my goth days would end...thought that Mur, Kristine, and I would beat the CHARMED sisters. haha..we'd be like the highschool goth girls that praise hip hop fashion and music. hahahaa...tacky days are the coolest. Trust me, i love tacky, it fills me with so much laughter, its crazy.

Those were the days huh. The Fairytale Prom days.

Anyways about two days ago, I went through this Javanese massage. The lady that did my "pijit" was from the land of Indonesia, except she mentioned her hometown and I do not think it exists in the map. Sounds like some master of the village just made shit up. But it sounds like one of those Jelangkung films and their destinations to "Jln. Kramat Batu". Sounds like one of those potential filming spots for b-grade horror films. But just saying this reminds me of those old school days. When we used to be tight as a gang, as friends. Used to go watch movies in PIM and throw popcorns at each other.That was Simple Fun. Simple Laughter. Those were the times when friends and enemies really counted.

My back is still hurting, could this be good or could it be bad? I've been swimming everyday to overtire my body so when my muscles ache, I know I did some work out routine. The thing is sleeping is a hard factor for me now. I can't sleep for nuts, no matter how comfy my bed is, no matter how clean my room is, no matter how early i wake up and how late i sleep. I just don't really get that tired man. I think I am slowly turning into a ROBOT. Bell-E. Introducing my friend.

I should think of something to do to make the hours shrink into un-endless tick tocks. To make it seem like my time is productive, that sweat and effort is good almost everyday. I need to be given something to do. Thats what I thought, go back to Jakarta this Wednesday, do some Marketing work for Fred, drink some bintangs, shoot some pool and wala...productive enough. Much better than staying at home.

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