Tuesday, September 09, 2008

September welcomes the obstacles


September, the month of random break ups and obs. A few weeks ago was the release of the hungry ghosts and we were warned to stay put in our homes after 6pm. Apparently people say that it is the prime time for these beings to hang out and meet up with their homies for casual drinks. I guess it is, it's like their annual vacation time other than choking in the flames of hell or cooling off with angels in heaven.

Anyways, this is like the second week of our September and you bet a lot has happened. My neighbors got robbed and so did their neighbors. Theft here, death there, people committing suicide like no ones bloody business. It's crazy because it happens around people and after people hear the news, the obstacles naturally go their way.

A few days ago it was a pleasant Friday night, I came out of my room and there was this gloomy shadow outside at our porch. The cause of the shadow? Some middle-eastern guy taking a sneak peak through our windows. Plus, my housemate was wrapped up in a bath towel humming and spinning to her jazz tunes as she reached for the toilet door. That pervert was watching her the whole time, then it got me thinking, damn he could have been there for like a few minutes already just watching her indulge in her marvellous Friday. So, I pointed at him and it took him a while to reconsider his stay at my front porch or pack his balls and leave. Then, he left and ran to his unit. HIS UNIT! He's my neighbor, yes he is. I have a pervert neighbor. I swear if it happens again for no reason, i'm going to call the cops on him. Well, not like calling the cops on him would really make a difference.

September is just a really bad month for my circle of friends. Always be armed with your gear. Pepper sprays are useless, they just look good as key chains. Pocket a swiss army knife and I guess it will last you when danger comes around the corner. :)

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