Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Pulp fiction is stranger than fiction.

Today, i woke up at 3pm in the afternoon with no food. Guess what? That's what pizza hut is for, immediate delivery! Not. They told us that since the rain was so heavy and it would affect time and transport, we have to umbrella ourselves all the way there. Which was really selfish of them. Their delivery men serve a purpose there, and that is to serve their loyal customers who want a fucking bloody supreme pizza with garlic bread. And these bloody malaysians are so lazy, they can't do shit but just stay under the rain pathetically waiting for us to fetch it ourselves.
The fuck is the point of delivery then? Pissed my ass off.

I've been feeling really nauseous these days. I was chopping some vegetables a few days back to make some salad and all of a sudden my vision turned real blur and i could see tiny fragments of light around. They say that it's due to loss of blood. Which was true, cuz i was having my period. But the point is, that is scary. Your vision starts to weaken, then 30 minutes later you get this pounding effect in your head, then you start to feel like you're one pregnant mofo needing a bowl to puke on. So then i puke over and over again, it seemed endless. When i was going through ultimate pain, i started to envy all those that were being bums outside the living room. I started to feel so depressed and i even bothered to pray my ass off to MR.GOD so that he could work his magic on me. It didnt work.

I can't even think right now. I just feel like typing my thoughts off.
I've been into Sangria these days, its a medicine to cure depression and active temper. I just realized that i throw tantrums out of the blue. I just throw em and the shittiest thing is while im being all psychotic, i dont give a fuck about people's feelings. I realized that i do have pretty serious mood swings and a powerful temper. It runs in the blood of my loved ones. Most especially my father. He is one hot tempered dude.

I watched Pulp Fiction for the very first time. I fell in love with it the minute it started. The minute the awkwardness appears with the subtle taste of music, i had a huge crush. It was fucking brilliant. I swear to god, watch it over and over again till your eyes melt because Quentin Tarantino rocks our world. I just love the way he gets great actors and makes them look so vulnerable or so suave. It's fuckin cool. The soundtrack is beautiful, it's bloody gorgeous, you just want to listen to each song and replay the movie in your head. I love the part where Uma Thurman and John Travolta were in the JackRabbits contest doing the strong twist, then the music came up. Fucking classic scene. The dialogues superb, its just diggable. It's smart, its hilarious, its serious, its tasty, its classic, it roasts your mind, it generates an ambience, it makes you want to be something illegal. And that's really out of the box smart, its just a unique invention. I'm glad i watched it today to appreciate it, cuz if it came out in the 90's i wouldn't really understand shit about it.

Anyways i'm going to be watching Sliding Doors. All the old movies that bring back old memories of your childhood days. Perfecto.

I can't wait.


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