Monday, June 04, 2007

korean bbq

Hey dude,
I'm getting pretty used to this cubicle thing. Although i prefer LB much more, i have no choice but to undergo the office hours. It's cool. Now i know what it feels like to live the reality college/uni days prepare you for. Its pathetic actually. They teach us nothing but nonsense, we study so hard adn then come out to work, then whatever is taught by the book does not apply to what we call work.
It's funny how my supervisors wanna challenge me to a pool match. Lets see who wins, they look like their fuckin pros so i'll just back out anytime man. haha.
Dude...i miss my friends..ever since this relationship started..i felt that my friendship with friends slowly parted. So sooner or later, i have to learn how to balance my time, learn how to split myself properly.
Dude,i ate the best korean bbq ever for the first time in my life, it was magnificent..the pork. And im really not the type of person that craves to eat pork, onlywhen its cooked in a dish and i have no option,i'll dig onit. But this time...i wanted more and more...i feel like i have sinned. Porks just not my thing. But now i can see why its so fuckin delicious. Koreans have their way with meat.
So today was a pretty weird seems like the clock doesn't tickone bit..but the time is actually passing.
I miss my mother.....i dont get could she travel everywhere and not feel lethargic. Now she's in germany and i have no idea where she will go to next..but i wish i was with her, travelling and eating and eating and drinking my time away.
Man i guess i gotta go home soon..johns pickin me up and this is all thats on my mind. Today i am pretty empty-minded.

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Sugar said...

Mishiii Mashiii Babe,

Work life stressing you out is it? cubicle too small is it? haha i'm just rubbing your belly there. Oh Oh I can't believe you're like fucking working!!! long gone are the days where you'd smack me with a news paper no? and come on.... you lose at pool? hell no... I miss Auntie Katrina tooooo!! say hi to her aight? i gotta jet babe. laters