Friday, February 02, 2007


What is up baby?
i've been doing lotsa things lately. ahem..well that video production thing is so off my chest now. Now there's chinese new year coming i'm gonna get packets of dough from mama's fam and daddy's fam. It better be a fatbunch man...i intend to do alota shopping. So my days have been boring as hell actually, besides school there's nothing much to do. Haven't touched beer for 3 weeks already, crazy shit. Haven't been drinking. I've been slightly sick for about a week plus, so i've been feeding on alotta panadol pills and cough medicine and it makes me really drowzy and cuts off my mood for everything. Stayed at home the couple of days just watching dvds, pondering about my future, yeah just realized that i'm no longer a teenager anymore and i gotta do alotta shit if i wanna work in KL. Gota earn my own dough. Seriously, i dont understand how people spend money like water, i mean don't they get the value of money at any point? I mean it doesnt mean if you're rich, you can spend like a bitch. Some people are so stupid. Can't they be not asking them to cut down on expenses, i'm just asking em to go slow on their expenses and not off budget. People just don't save these days. Not like i do, but i'm not a power spender...i just value money. DAS ALL. Yay at least murs gonna be back, i can't wait to see her..i miss her to shits. We can hang out and have hot chocolate and just yknow lay back and enjoy the life chillin in cafe's while we check out books. I feel like going to aksara and QB. I feel like chillaxing in the cozy places.
Anyways times up for me, i'll be watching BLOOD&CHOCOLATE soon, see how good the cliche movies can get these days. MWAH.

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