Friday, January 05, 2007

luigi is a dumbass

Blog...i dont know why, i guess when i'm feeling bored i decide to kill boredom through you. It's this blog feeling, you feel like blogging, you feel like expressing how you feel or what disturbs you or what happened. So you can look back and remember through the past entries. I haven't yet scrolled through the past entries, i will soon..i'll either look back and feel stupid or all sad. Bali was not a blast, i didn't enjoy it...every single day i woke up realizing that if i spent the entire week in jkt, i'd smile. In bali, i was in a pissy mood, i was pissed off at the weather, the beach, the rain, the people. This was the worst bali trip ever, i dont want to recall this trip ever again. I hated it. And i never hate bali trips, but this one...i truly hate it. I was bitchy and pissy all the way....i guess i needed my friends.
My days here are nearly over...i'll be leaving a way i can't wait to leave...i want to go back to KL and just get my life straightened up. I want to prepare for school, i need to write a resume..i needa do so many things. If possible, i wanna leave asap. I dont want to think about anything else. In a way, i dont feel like comin back home this june or july...i'm just gonna visit mur or kristine...that would be a better way to spend life won't it. Rather than come home....and then do the same shit everyday..god im getting sick and tired of it. Besides..mummy visits me like nearly every two weeks or some shit...its so close....I gota do some sports take up ice hockey or something, i love just looks so damn hard...or just have frequent basketball games with the dudes...they'll teach me n make me improve slowly. Mur took pole dancing, it sounds really difficult gotta like carry your entire body up the pole and plus, you gotta wear heels, that im not good in. I have no sense of balance.
Okay im going to bounce...dreamland awaits...and i am so looking forward to it.
Those unforgettable fairytale nightmares? Yeah you fool, i've seen mario and luigi in my dreams, they weren't fighting against the world, they were fighting against each other. You know how stupid luigi is? He can't jump for shit.
nitey nite. I wanna play nintendo. :(

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