Wednesday, January 10, 2007

light my baby goodbye

Morning blogger, it feels great to wake up at this hour. There's something fucked up wtih my clock always states that i write my entries at around 3am or like 6am or some shit. Aneh sih. I've been in a bad mood these couple of days, i guess i need the space from people, i need to just sit back and relax, no disturbance whatsoever. Yesterday, i was in a fuckin bad mood, i guess cuz the night at mbc was really shitty and the bodyguards were being big ass bitches in PUBLIC so cindy couldn't go in cuz of sandals and abhi couldn't get in cuz of his shirt. It's stupid...
I've been getting alot from my mum...she keeps pinning me down, i just feel so pressured by everybody. Everyones been being a lil bitchy lately, including the guys. I feel like taking off, i can't stand Jkt, i gotta start packing for tomoro. I dont think i wanna come back so soon..but who knows home is home yknow. I better spend my day wisely today, like do something that helps me chill out in life n shit. The massage felt good yesterday but it didn't bring me that happy mood, i need to be happy.

I just wanna sit, relax, have some hot tea, read a book, and light my baby.

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