Friday, October 06, 2006

A recovery

Shit, i miss jakarta, it's only been 2 months or so but im missing my mum like a bitch. And the fact that i have internship right after this semester doesn't really make me feel alot betta. Imagine no breaks or family dinners, no life, nothing to turn to. I can only depend on myself. I miss my friends, im so sick mentally, not that way, but so home sick. I long for the old days where friends would be around on the dot...around everywhere i go. It's so sad its happening, the stage of growing up is a killer. I have no choice, i have to be rational that if i wanna end uni, i gotta get recognition from internshippin. Its just so sad cuz i haven't seen most of my friends for so long, i feel like a different person. I feel like spendin time with them in an island, just havin fun and cracking up jokes and all. Those are the days to miss, the days that mean so much to you, the days you use to take for granted, the days that make your day, most of all, the days that make who you are today grateful for having those days. Ahh..i have a headache, i can't think properly, i have an essay to do,i just can't breathe. I can't live properly without these retards. At times like these, life makes me feel so inferior to others, makes me lifeless without these people. They mean so fuckin much to me man. Im sad..but its ok tho...i know i'll wake up tomoro and it'll be all cool again. Im gonna go now mang....gotta do my work. I'll try to work hard.
love you

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