Tuesday, August 29, 2006

a heavenly mood

hello peeple.
ahh its been quite long since i've written, well it feels like it. here i am doing some research, here i am forcing myself to be hard working again. here i am playing the tickle iq test...here i am frustrated. haha. well i recently went to the lagoon, went to sun tan my ass off, and i did enjoy it just that i didn't put enuf sun protection and now my bodys sun-aching. Life's been ok, sleeping hours are a little fuckd up due to this newfound hobby of mine, fishing. hah yeah...i love fishing, it really takes ur mind off things and it helps you wtih something really important..patience. I figured that if i started fishing, maybe, just maybe, i might improve my temper and all that stress that i've been inflicting to myself. Yeah i havent cooked anything for myself lately...just been eating a lotta lotta unhealthy food. Ah fuck classes are getting harder. Just when i thought Media planning was a light course, it wasn't. fuckin calculations and formulas mannng. I just hate studying sometimes, seriously. I only like the exams, thats it. Assignments are a killer to me. Exams assure you that if you fuckin pass its fuckin over! Ah..can't wait for finals..then it'll be the internship, i duno i hope to apply for leo b or saatchi and saatchi...one of those..that would be awesome to work in such advertising firm. Advertising is a bitch but i like cuz of the aggressiveness and the activities and all the bullshit. its just an aggressive business and i hope it would make me a stronger person.
Life? been aite..met some guys, enjoying their company, they make life feel much better than girls do sometimes..they don't complain about guys, thats why. haha.
but im not dating any of em, its all good between us, friends stay friends...nothing more for now i guess...i've been too busy trying to study and trying to work but i just know that life cant be balanced all the time, its only when you feel like it.
Oh well im craving for some teo chew porridge, dude its so healthy man..instead of stupid junk food all day in school. thats all i can do to munch away the boredom.
Anyways i have an early day tomoro, gotta follow my schedule as planned. if not..im just a useless piece of craaapooo.
ps. i really miss that one person that cracks me up so bad, that wants me to bitch at him, that waits for me to tie my shoes, the one that just looks so stupid when he's all caught up. he doesn't exist yet..but he seems pretty cool for me.

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kelly said...

since when?
u blog?
ok. i'm out dated.