Wednesday, July 05, 2006

cool me down

Sup sunshine?
I've been having some great fun in bali, not the type of fun i used to have, i guess i just appreciate much more of the island than the clubs now..haha. It feels good to hang out by the beach and just fall asleep, it's beautiful. It feels good to just dig your toes into the sand and wash it away at the shore, it just feels good to chill to a tehbotol there, it feels good to learn how to surf and suck so much in it. I suck...haha....i'm really bad when it comes to balancing, but i could stand a few times down to the shore, but shit it was difficult. I respect those who can surf man, my whole body's aching and i have bruises everywhere, it hurts to even walk properly. I'm pmsing now in a way, i kept getting pissed off at myself for nothing, that kind of heat you need to get rid of by just releasing your anger. I have it sometimes. I just had a massage in footish and god it felt so goodddd....i needed one badly anyway. World cups up, france against portugal tonight, now baby that's a good show for the night! I'm not into the world cup but ever since i saw England cryin their asses off, i realized that it was pretty funny, so i took interest. Not that i have anything against them or anything, it just made soccer more entertaining. I hate feeling so weak, especially during my month, i just feel so heated up, so moody, so lazy, so weird..yup. I have no motivation at all, just feel like sleeping for days. There was this interesting guy in bali, he isn't the typical hottie that all the girls fall for, some girls would dig him, some girls wouldn't, i dig his outlook tho...he was mixed i duno what, but he was really yum..he had this nice tattoo across his tummy and fuck it looked real hot. haha. yeah he hot orite. I didn't meet anyone in bali, just a few guys, they were nice, but nah nothing happened, i wasn't into the whole clubbin scene. I wanted to go to the reggae bar i went to with the rest a few years back tapi it was kind of ghetto so ngk berani masuk sendirian gitu. haha...but i was completely in the mood for some bob marley. uggh...udah terlambat nih...
I'm gona go chill with murti and don, those are the two left here, so i'm gonna chill with em and have fun to get rid of this extreme bitchiness in me right now. Hot chocolate ppl?
mwah i love you, totally.

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