Thursday, May 12, 2005


im sleepy but i can't sleep and im chatting with justin, another justin not the cibun justin. anyways....i finished my assignment, but i still have loads more to do. have to wake up later on and complete it all. ahhh if only i was a nerd, i would have the motivation. Been too lazy, trus tadi siang i got scolded by my lecturer, isssh....i know im in trouble,but its only cuz i had to go all the way down to jb for the funeral. he wouldn't believe me gitu. jadi...yeah cuz he scolded me, i asked him to warn me more so i would be motivated. and i just finished my project, took me hours. I need the same determination i had a few hours ago for like the rest of the month. i miss me mumsy, wanna get her to bitch at my lecturers for me.
anyways peace out dude,
now im tired.

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