Sunday, May 08, 2005

please kiss my ass. serious.

Dunt know what da fucks up with the title, but i seriously don't know what mood i am in right now. Fuck my projects man, how could they cause me such stress and pain. My bodys aching and i can barely breathe right. I need my friends, i miss watching movies in the bioskop, especially all those action to horror films, even romantic comedies, which i'm slowly losing taste in. I just watchd this film called DEBs, bought the dvd, its pretty cheesy....but my idols there, devon aoki..haha but anyways she doesn't look too good in it.
i'm ditcin my project, its due wednesday anyway, duno why i was doing it in advance anyway. I still have to do some web technology,d ue this thursd. But yay finished my scrapbook for moral studies,yknow stupid values people don't use in this god forsaken country. uggh. my internet is seriously getn me pissed..but im too lazy to show that im pissed. No ones at home, i woke up from a pretty long nap and poof....everyones gone, they left me and their all having dinner. i wish someone called me at this point of time, why cant someone call me and ask me out to i can i can i won't be bored. my only companion now is dunhill menthol and marl lights menthol. both menthols. i guess menthols my companion. Im moving to my new plc in a few weeks, to be approx 3 weeks...yesh! Finally moving into a new plc...ground floor, id consider it a small house..but its a groundfloor condo. haha. facing the lake view juga bo. haha that word bo, or expression reminds me of abhi. Now i'm watching csi-miami...tis pretty good, ny is better. I duno mebe the crime scene investigations there are just more thrilling, plus they got better technology, more updated. ahhh....i miss danny right a way i regret breakin up with him...i guess all my relationships are like this..but still im askin...why do i miss him, i didn't expect to miss him the slightest bit, but what am i doin now. Missin him. I miss his humor..i miss everything about him, especially his makes me wanna kiss him. im trying to make it to prom, but i duno when my school hols end. And i don't wanna stay in jkt too long, don't wanna get myself bored...but i do miss it alot. i wonder whether we'll ever have a reunion in the future, i really am lookin forward to that. Okay anywyas im off. watching lost now...fuck the guys so sexy!

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