Wednesday, May 18, 2005

missin all. :(

I miss the power of love, daun hijauku. hehe...fatten me up.
i miss wiwieds roti bakar coklat-keju +es teh tawar
i miss critiques thrown both ways at me, at them, evveryone mon.
i miss getting the superman fly...oh the old superman story.
i miss cough syrups....natural dose of tranqsi wanna partay and blow my whistle bitch!
i miss drunkness, its been a while since we've met.
i miss ernie's laughter, krispys impersonations, the hot tukang sate's fc, bang jj's retarded sense of HUMOR!
I miss cibun, i demand a'll be funny...we'll all be certified clubbers by then compared to what yall were like back in shitters ay.
Nasi padangku, come to me! my chilli made outta 1/4 cannabs. addictive.
i miss passn the trans', flashin their everythings, they aint' lookin too good. mebe we should flash em back!
i miss citos, tempat anak gaul...but who gifs mon..we're gaul kan..hehe
i miss partayin mon, routine on weds, lets claim our free champagne n vodk's from centro, get fuckd...trus go to manna L and ruin da massive speakospeaker.
i miss izzi pizza, gimme em izzi dough balls. delicius!
i miss havin ze crumbles for ze crumbs.i miss xmas, fav auspicious event.
Gramps i miss you, we'll have our cup of tea, ill visit, janji....
Bali i miss you, u overcome boredom and you make drinkin bintangs during sunny afternoons fuckin fun!
I miss usin da "drip dry, drip dry" and "two times bitch" n "burritos!" phrase. crazy/beautiful inc.
i miss bubur ayam rumah sakit pondok indah...
i miss my sweetest tabooo....
I miss pancakes n hersheys..give me the magical whip.whippo.
i miss takin photobox pictas...miss gettin tortured by that song.ahh.
Where's my perfect drug huh? dont tell me i lost you. i did didn't I.
Shooting stars.reload n fire across the darkness, so i can make a wish on behalf of the things ive missed.
im missin you. im missing all. i ran out of it bad.
-whooosh out-

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