Tuesday, May 17, 2005

keep goin till you hit the spot..whoa.

bloggie blog,
im tired, exhausted, sweating like shit, seriously moody, pissed, frustrated, doing my assignments, but its not enuf, lecturers demand more from us, das all i can give, i've been doing the group projects myself, its seriously tiring....now we're printin it out. ahh..i hate dreamweaver..its such a slow software to make stupid websites, mendingan frontpage dong.
Yay i called Martin in canada last night...fuck that dude...sombong buanget, finally i discovered that he's still alive! can't wait to see him man! Going to deliver the good news to mur, like she would care? i guess she's forgotten about him already, only I, the unforgetful one..cieh...keep in touch with him. Haha i have his pic where he looks terribly obese, compared it to highschool pics..damn hilarious man. We went to yamcha in Rafi's...and then went to KimG's for the honeylemon shit, trus got home, did assignments, dcided we needed a break, then chilled in darus. love that plc. And i saw a fuckin hot guy...uggh...he's not hot..he's just i duno...attractive, like really attractive. ahh..fuck it mon.
Okay whatever, class is awaiting. But im just too damn lazy, still goin thoz..
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