Tuesday, March 15, 2005

my lovely number

Okay my new number is not that beautiful but at least it's the easiest one to memorize among the rest. Well i hope this number brings me alotta luck for the year 2005. I"m currently in the warnet now,w aiting for my friends to arrive and i duno i love being alone, meaning being single at the moment. Murti, murti, murti, haha that slut, i'm sort of proud of her actually. :D Don't get all "apa sih?". Well i'm back in kl now, no more jakarta, the next destination will be bali. I hope i get black yo, don't wanna get my hopes too high up for that. Murti has a crush on someone, haha....somehow its funny to me! But like the big mouth i am, i'm gonna act the opposite of it now, i know when to keep secrets, i realized i was a blabber mouth, but at least i didn't bocor the truth about ahem yknow mur? please be proud of me. huwahuwa. Man i miss these guys, Abs+mur+tini, i love em to death and i feel like teasing people. I feel so empty without em. Sometimes when you go to college/uni you think you can find the right guy or the right friends, but that's not true for me, ihaven't found the right guy nor the right friends. My only perfect friends come from the old highschool days, the ones that have seen me change and hte ones that have influenced this change. i love em bitches.
Can't wait to see em.
Well i end this blog with one meaningful kiss, mwah!
when i gotta go, i just gotta go yo.

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