Sunday, March 13, 2005

just chillin.....

GOod morning mr. blog
Today i have no idea about my plans, but i feel like chillin at home for the rest of the day before i berangkat ke soekarno hatta. hehe. Jase and i mite meet up at the airport and check in together, its better than checking in alone i say. ANyways lastnight we had a good talk, about life and friendship, such as our close friends adn waht we would do to protect em. And what he said about mur was really schweeet. Like he would bash anyone up who fucks around with her and he had this serious face put on so i figured's the first time jase is actually serious about something. He did give me some words of wisdom lastnight and i was damn surprised yo. But i forgot what he said. After taht whole discussion, he went back to being a horny bwastad, asking me all these quessies about sex and how he could turn girls on and shit like that, ihhh..and oh wait..he kept on saying "IM A GIVER, NOT A TAKER!" ...waduh. Oh i just wished someone could just go on and fuck him to keep him quiet. iish. I'd never fuck him, so i'll find someone to fuck him.
Fuck dude, i dont' wanna go today, but i have to mon.
well i'm off, that's the most i can leave you guys with, my day has just started dudes.
love, cheppi

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