Wednesday, January 26, 2005

Do you know where im at?

At this moment of time, i am lost. I'm in penang now, i have the crab by my side, but when i return to jkt, i'll be lost. it's 6 ish right now in malaysia but it looks as if you just woke up on a bright bright sunshiney afternoon, different from jkt, at this hour, jakarta will be dark n gloomy. I don't have any of my best friends there anymore and that is freakin sad. I haven't done much the past few days, but spending time with my penang friends really made me feel much better. I might be going to CHILL OUT tonight to CHILL OUT, but the usual, there's transportation problemos thanks to the bad timing and shit like that. So i've just been crashing at kelly's plc reading national geo's and readers digest after having a big ass laughing session of American Idol, retarded! Man i mwish everybody, even people i see around college (altho i dunt even know their names). But i just need to focus on something rather than just have a holiday of doing nothing. Well ima call it quits now, gotta take a shower.
It's a sunny day, but why doesn't the sun shine down on me? I need the SUn bad.

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