Tuesday, January 18, 2005

Days are days..

Well we just hung out at Chris' aptment by the poolside and shit we were stoned on yummeee weed which of course after received the munchies for Mr.wiwid and his famous roti bakars and bubur komplit, Awesome!
But we just ate sweet stuff, that about it yo. hmm...it was so funny in the car cuz murti kept on laughing her freakin ass off and donna was just so budek all of a sudden, hearing mouth as "mum" and well thats hard to explain! haha..and i thought i was driving fast, but when i shook my head, i realized i was driving so fuckin slow, not even 40 km per hour, fuck..haha that was hilarious.
Murs sleeping now. Damn to think about it, she's leaving so soon, i'm leaving real soon cuz ihave to, but damn...ill be coming back here and when i do, murti wont' be here. I"ll have abs and dons, then abhi will be gone, holy fuck. I'll be sad. Or mebe abs will be gone by hten. I'm leaving this thursday, that is in like a day plus! Damn boay! I'm going to Penang..weeeee...haha i can't wait to see them n i bought joyce some pretty gurly thangs, something she'll like, i hope at least. hehe :D
Hmm,,im terribly yearning for the adidas shell shocks man, i want em bad. Ill get em from sungai wang plaza or wherever where it's cheap and good bahan. But if it ain't original, fuck it,i'll just spend my money for the expensivo ones. I
want it bwad!
Alright, peace out mofockers..

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