Friday, December 24, 2004

Boulevard of broken dreams it is

I rely on you to overcome this boredom of mine. I just came bck from Manna lounge, tomoroz the rewind thang, i'm going probs. I miss hip hop, although i listen to it at home. Just that after that tsunami rave, i wanted rnb and hip hop even more. Duno why. Christmas is happening right now, but no ones awake, everyones just sleepin. At least i'm awake, at least i treasure xmas. haha not. THe dinner tin held at my plc was cool enough, not much ppl came, but it was quite fun. Abhi and i just couldn't stop laughing at that tirette syndrome chick in deuce was so funny how she just had these minor or major outbursts all of a sudden. SHe would say disgusting things like ballhair, nipple biter, funny shit man. I just cried out laughing! I love abs, he's so fun to laugh with. I'm gonna miss that bitch when he's off to sydney.
Life as it is is always like a constant straight line. I need to do something to myself, like give myself a bitch slap and wake up from that boredom.
Boulevard of broken dreams, great song. My sis got me the greenday album and for that i'm thankful. I'veb een in love with this song for weeks, but i dunt want to ruin it by listening to it over and over again. I'll just get tired of it. I like Billie joe armstrong, the way he carries himself off as an artist or punkrocker, imean so what if he's short and small, he's just talented and hot. Shh..i don't give a shit about what you peeps think aites. nexxt mission is to complete time crisis 3, oh yeah, i've completed number one and is just challenging me with tougher shit and i know its been on for like a year, but i barely even touched that bloody son of a gun. So now i just need to complete it and hmm...i don't have a new years resolution yet, will decide on that later on.
Okay i'm gonna toodle out, love you my new blog. i'm tryin to get used to you.
-jingle bell rocks out baby-

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