Wednesday, July 01, 2009

the confused line-up

I realized this blog always vents out anger. For a change. I should lessen down on the self-whining and proceed to personal enlightenment. Atleast when i re-scroll, my writing won't be too heavy-bitchy on me.

After a few years of getting to know KL city. Im starting to feel more at home actually. I am after all Malaysian. Ic semua ada. I never really bothered to decorate, paint, or do any major do-ups for my bedroom. But if u check out my room in Jakarta, it is filled with magazine cut ups, Esquire mag covers, favorite brands. Looks like a messy fashion hall of fame. Not to mention my Tim Burton goodies. When nightmare before xmas came out, i went insane, i put it on my xmas list of "i wants" to my friends. Forgot who bought it for me. Its one of my fava gifts. Anyways,that room gives me memories. And now when i go home, my sisters made it hers and stuffed it with her cool new bed. I dont even know where my old bed is. Plus my closets filled with crap too. Lots of old clothes, sheets, bags, and perhaps DUSTmites by now? Recently, I've been trying to make myself feel at home. So i started small. And since im renting a middle-room with the jakartans here in KL, it is quite a fitting size. not too spacious or tight either. Just nice for me. :) They can take the master, god knows what they do in it. Nice balkon juga, ihh. Rabbits!

The little doowops here.

My Buddha Shrine.

Close up of Buddha head and Magnolia bottle. Got the mag-bot from Ampang mall, Sunday = Market day. They have antiques and goodies. Some made-up some authentic.

I call this my 'HANGMAN'. Keeps things organized. easy to find. practical. Space saver too.


An old event update. I'm writing about this cuz the ABSOLUTE VODKA party to me was amazing. I was busy self-servicing myself, didn't wanna leave the twilights and vodka-filled martini glasses. Just wanted to sit around, puff around, and take shots on an empty tum. But I went there with workmates and I didn't really talk much or bother, just wanted to shoot some absolutes solo style. :)

Lights, oh lights.

VODKA line up. Absolutely.

cold, fresh..u name it

The SPOON man, the SPOOOON. awesomeness.
Too bad I didn't steal it. It was worth the rob.

First check out the Esquire mag cover this month.
Brilliant ya think?

Haha, i just realized I don't put many pics up. Cuz im a big time bummer. But today, it will be up. 'RECENT' pics can mean months ago. for peeps like me. hehe. I have a camera, but I barely take shots. I should force myself to...make full use of it too. Nextime tho, here's a line up.

6th Newman Anniversary
Me. Celeste. Elya. The night ended well.

Barsonic Night out a few weeks back. Here's a row of em..haha I'm just so disorganized.

I am part Babboon part Malaysian. :D

Purr or roar you say Rach? I say neither neither.

Alright lunch break folks. TATA.

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